Toni Burrow’s Platform

Toni Burrow is running to continue to serve as a member of the Ferguson City Council – Ward 2

to continue to help make a thriving Ferguson Community.

A Balanced Budget

We actually have an improved budget this year due to COVID Cares Act funding. But that won’t last. However, it can come from our economic development prospects. Such as our Property Restoration Program rolling out in April. In the meantime we have to be good steward of our funds. Economic Development is key to our revenue stream.

Safer Streets in Ferguson

I am working with City Officials and Ferguson residents to make our streets safer from speeding and other crimes.

Standard Operation Procedures for the Ferguson City Council, Police Department and Fire Department

Clearly defined protocol for conducting City business. We all need to be on the same page, and use Standard Operating Procedures/Practices (SOP). Not just for emergency of Ferguson Fire and Ferguson Police departments but for the Ferguson City Council and the Ferguson City Staff.

Neighborhood Associations

Neighborhood Associations play a critical role in advocating for residents interest and needs. We are currently consolidating and reorganizing neighborhood associations to better serve our community *Grass roots*

FFSD 2+2 Program

A partnership between the FFSD and Ferguson City government to collaborate on mutually beneficial objectives. When queried Superintendent Joe Davis gave his three top needs to be:
1. Vaccinations of teachers
2. 2+2 Conversations detailing Economic Development
3. Cognizant to the needs of our Youngest Citizens

Better Condition of City Streets

We have a new Director of Public Works who is working on a plan to take care of the worst of the worst city streets. This is a near term action plan not just a plan to take place in the far off future.

Unity on the City Council

The Ferguson City Council should be with one accord through the use of Vision/Mission & Strategic Planning, because without a vision the people perish. Internal control through implementation of Standard Operation Practices.

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